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A stunning home overlooking the Ligurian Sea

La Puddinga is at the heart of Portofino’s boat life. The owner describes this remarkable home

Villa Puddinga, Portofino, lake view

When was La Puddinga built? 
The villa was created for the Mondadori family by the architect Mario Vietti in the late 1950s. In the 1958 film Racconti d’estate, there’s a scene filmed on the waterfront terrace at La Puddinga. This appears to be the original house, which was on one level. Vietti then designed the current villa by adding the other floors. It is named after a type of rock, pudding stone, which is characteristic of the area. The villa is carved into, and stands on, this pudding stone.


How long has it been in your family?
We’ve enjoyed it for around 50 years – our grandfather bought it in the 1960s from the Mondadori family.


What is the inspiration for the interior design? 
The ecru tones and orange hues were inspired by the last rays of the setting sun, which floods the interiors and adds contrast to the greys of the surrounding rock. We wanted the views to be the main feature.


Can you describe the grounds?
They stretch over various levels and include maritime pine, geraniums, bougainvillea, hydrangeas and a beautiful trellis of jasmine. The mooring allows for a six-metre craft, but can be altered for a larger boat.


What has made your time here so special?
Oh, waking up to the sound of the sea! The bedrooms all lead out to the long waterfront terrace. The property is wonderful all year round. Often, winter days here by the sea are more enchanting than in the summer. We’ve had the house staffed and open all year, so we escape for weekend breaks whenever we can.


Finally, if you had to describe the Portofino lifestyle in three words?
Enchanting. Romantic. Exclusive.

La Puddinga, Portofino, Italy

Details and contact
Bathrooms  3
Price  POA (Also available for seasonal rentals)
Contact  Chris Ostet