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Curvaceous hilltop estate with Pacific views

With a curving, flowing façade, this impressive Los Angeles home is designed to have the view and wellbeing at its heart

Sky Lane is aptly named. Winding off an exclusive residential street, the road ends at the crest of a hill with bird’s-eye views from Beverly Hills and Brentwood to the sparkling ocean off the Malibu coast.

To create a home in this prestigious location, the predictable approach would be to build up – adding a pinnacle to the landscape like a feather in a cap. But nothing about the work of architects de Loren & Associates is predictable. They have worked with the environment to conceive a curving masterpiece that steps down the far side of the hill in tiers, revealing its beauty in stages. This opens up the view in new and exciting ways, but never once gets in the way of it.

“When you approach the house, you would never guess it was there,” says Santiago Arana, managing partner of The Agency, Savills associate in Los Angeles. “As you approach, you discover more and more. First you park your car, and you get your first taste of the view. But all you see of the house is the parking for 20 cars and a beautiful glass elevator. The elevator carries you down – bypassing the private level entirely – and when the doors open you are in this huge entertaining space that flows out to the pool.”

This entire level opens on to the view, with curved pocket doors disappearing effortlessly and drawing guests outdoors. Only when they finally turn their back on the landscape do they soak in the style of the building itself, which seems to have appeared out of nowhere.

“Everyone who visits says how refreshing it is to see something original and different,” says Arana. “I’ve been selling high-end real estate in LA for 16 years now, and I’ve never seen anything like it – in terms of the architecture and the view. Everything is designed to work with the view, from the curve of the infinity-edge pool to the orientation of the beds in the bedrooms.”

Those bedrooms are divided between the upper, master storey, which has its own private entrance from street level, and the walk-out lower floor, which includes a wine cellar, a movie theatre and a soundproofed club underneath the pool – each with its own take on the wraparound view. All three levels feature state-of-the-art smart home systems that make the day-to-day living options as fluid as the wave-like architecture.

“This is truly the home that every member of the family wants it to be,” says Arana. “Everyone gets a bracelet that the system recognises, so everything is customised to your profile. Maybe you want the steam room to come on when you get home in the evening; maybe you like the lights at a certain level; or even a certain scent to help you sleep at night. That’s all waiting to be programmed by the Delos [well-being system] to match the owner’s family’s needs.”

Most of all, it is a home for health and well-being, with systems for air and water quality, for example. None of these systems are visible day to day, but as Arana concludes, “Just like the genius of the exterior design, the benefits soon reveal themselves.”

Details and contact
Bedrooms  7
Bathrooms  11
Price  $36,000,000
Contact  Santiago Arana  The Agency